A Third of U.S. Citizens Prefer Mobile Access To Government Services

A Unisys survey of more than 2,000 people in eight states showed that people who prefer mobile engagement want a single app to download for access to all government services. About a third of the people surveyed want to use their mobile devices with half of those wanting a single point of access.

The greatest barriers to online engagement between the populace and government are privacy and security issues. Two-thirds of the respondents were concerned about how their data would be used by the agency and how the personal data would be protected.

Additional conclusions are the computers and tablet are preferred for complex tasks including paying taxes or renewing licenses and mobile devices are preferred for more simple issues including obtaining general information or reporting incidents. A large number of people surveyed want to see the government share data for limited purposes related to strengthening security or increasing efficiency.

Summarized from PR Newswire

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