Can AI help Government Win the Cybersecurity Wars

With state governments receiving hundreds of thousands of cybersecuity alerts daily, a need is created to develop a new plan to fight threats and attacks. Each alert may or may not represent a relevant threat and determining even one suspicious event consumes significant staff time and resources. Government must develop more efficient methods for identifying critical indicators from the multitude of events.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are options for solving this problem. One version of AI maps events to machine learning data models that execute an algorithm built from past samples to classify an event as benign or a threat.

  • AI strengthens cybersecurtity defense by:
  • Scanning large volumes of events from multiple sources
  • Identifying variations from typical network traffic patterns
  • Grouping related security events and notifying security personnel about potential threats
  • Watching IoT (Internet of Things) network entry points

Cybersecurity is full of grey-area challenges but by incorporating deep learning principles with state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms cybersecurity will continue to improve. The perfect AI does not yet exist but it remains an effective security tool.


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