How the Government Shutdown Put National Cybersecurity at Risk

The recently ended partial government shutdown has weakened cybersecurity with both immediate and longer-term negative consequences. While many essential cybersecurity functions continued, the jobs were made harder because other IT staff who would normally implement routine fixes were furloughed.

Close to half of the employees within the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), were furloughed as were eighty-five percent of the National Institute of Standards and Technology workers. These are the employees who help private- and public-sector companies stay up to date on the latest cyberattacks and mitigation techniques.

Among the most critical problems during the shutdown was the suspension of basic maintenance procedures. Cybersecurity functions otherwise deemed “essential,” suffered because of a lack of incoming information and assistance from other government agencies. Additionally, during the shutdown malware may have been implanted that will last long past the time when the deal was reached.

Summarized from CNBC

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