How Using Open Wi-Fi Could Get Safer

For quite some time there have been only two main types of wireless networks – open and closed (which are secure and encrypted). Most people have used smartphones and other devices to log into open Wi-Fi networks in public places, using the wireless network rather that the slower cellular connection. But, use of the open connection invites attack.
A long-standing method used by attackers is the “man-in-the-middle” where hacking into an open network allows access to personal information by capturing wireless traffic and routing it to the bad guys’ computers. This process can be particularly harmful if a government worker at any level regularly visits an establishment with an open network and utilizes a smart device that is also used for government business.
The new Enhanced Open Security Standard based on Opportunistic Wireless Encryption (OWE) can help to solve the potential problem by establishing a “handshake” exchange where the initial connection between a device and the access point for the open connection is automatically encrypted. This can only occur when both the smart device and the access point have OWE in place.
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