Technology and the Difficult Issues of Governance

Governance is about the guidance of collective behavior to promote public interest through the basic goals of productivity, equity, and trust. Technology is the means to power the way to meeting the goals.

Early computers were cost-effective only for limited, well-structured calculations and were dependent upon individuals with special skills. As digital productivity has improved, computers can now do things that only humans could do before. The growth of this digital productivity will accelerate and according to Oxford University research, nearly half of all existing jobs will be eliminated or require substantial retraining in the next 10 to 20 years.

Another factor of digital growth is that people are now more connected by computer, resulting in the opinion that government makes good decisions falling from 80 to 20 percent. People with greater access to knowledge are more anxious, angry, and harder to govern that before.

To maintain pace with technological development, good governance must make smart choices about new targets for automation; make smart choices about computer-accessible job training and job sharing; and make smart choices about public service responsiveness and accountability

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