The Concerns (and Possible Solutions) of IT in Government

As modernizing information systems by government is becoming increasingly important, agencies can no longer afford to operate the same old way due to the volume, processes, and governance required to serve citizens.
As the scale of necessary information increases, document management (DM) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems no longer can deliver the necessary level of service. Governments that fall behind on new technology cost taxpayers.
A Content Services Platform (CSP) is a more efficient and effective means of collecting and making available necessary information. An investment in CSP will provide an information hub allowing employees and citizens to access and share information without searching across multiple applications. CSPs are low-code/no-code platforms that allow a wide range of people to contribute to the delivery of business applications. Additionally, CSPs can be built to provide classification, recognition, and prediction capabilities to the increasing amount of information that needs to be processes daily.


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