What is the US Doing to Keep Technology Safe?

Because technology progresses rapidly and government does not, it is difficult for cyber security professionals to keep up with changing technologies. U.S. intelligence organizations are working constantly to keep up with continuously evolving threats, with constant awareness of the balance between privacy and protection.
The government needs to make certain that the public and private sectors are safe from threats including hacking and malware by providing constant vigilance and adaptability. Social media, unregulated for the most part, is often used by terrorists to recruit and spread propaganda. Currently, debate is ongoing regarding regulation of social media. Europe has already taken a step forward with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which enhances the protection of personal information by creating stringent requirements for how to companies get permission to use customer data.
Tech companies now collect new types of data including voice data from always-on voice technologies including smartphones, virtual assistants, and smart home speakers. Unfortunately for users, the speed of technological development far exceeds the speed at which government can regulate and innovate, resulting in diminished protection of personal privacy.
Summarized from techspective.net

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