When Government Websites Fail

What happens when a government system can’t do what it was designed and built for? The reality is that system failures are common in the public and private sectors and are often the result of design failure and/or lack of upkeep.

Large spikes in traffic, by example the IRS system failure crash on tax day 2018, are often the result of multiple points of failure including overloaded servers and browsers. In many cases government agencies are relying on systems that weren’t designed or tested for major traffic surges. For instance, the federal government has 4,500 web sites and 400 domains, 91 percent of which failed to perform in either mobile friendliness, speed, security, or accessibility.

Accountability rests with the government agency and its effective scrutiny of development contractors. Furthermore, it is suggested that every site should have a three-year lifecycle when it is taken down or renewed and updated for content, security, mobile-friendliness, and usability.

Summarized from fcw.com

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