Building a better citizen experience with contact center modernization strategies

Government contact center operations have been stretched thin by escalating pressure to control bottom-line costs. But the effects of the pandemic — and the subsequent unemployment and health crisis — showed many government leaders that their agency contact centers were not prepared to meet the surge in citizen needs.

Modernizing contact center operations with cloud-enabled infrastructure promises a more agile approach in the face of crisis according to a report produced by Scoop News Group.

By moving contact centers away from legacy infrastructure, agencies can integrate automation and AI-enabled tools that connect citizen interactions with other workflow processes.

The report describes how agencies deployed cloud and automation technology to deflect calls from at-capacity systems, enabling the use of an intelligent virtual assistant (IVA) to provide rapid answers to routine questions, resulting in a 24% decrease in call frequency.

Injecting a layer of digital interaction (text messaging, chatbots, and other automation tools) before connecting to a live agent is one of the most effective ways agencies have found to streamline surges in requests.

By integrating automation technology, agency contact centers have been able to reduce operations costs, improve employee and constituent satisfaction, and provide greater agility to react to surge events.

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