Deloitte Launches AI Platform Made for the Public Sector

Hoping to help government make sense of the endless data it collects, Deloitte has launched an AI platform made for the public sector.

CortexAI for Government, which works in on-premise and hybrid environments as well as all the major cloud services, includes a suite of applications, tools, models and data sets, including RegExplorer, a tool already in use in many government agencies which identifies conflicting, redundant, or outdated regulations. Also included are natural language processing tools which help parse through speech and text to pull out meaning and sentiment, model training, and situational awareness functions. Deloitte is also offering ways to audit AI algorithms and report on accuracy and equity.

CortexAI for Government will help agency leaders and frontline public servants introduce new AI solutions and execute their organizations’ missions more effectively and with reduced cost.

Artificial intelligence has already found its way into government in many functions, ranging from automated license plate readers to cybersecurity with much of it part of third-party software and focused on specific use cases. Broad-ranging platforms in the vein of CortexAI for government aren’t as commonly seen at the state and local level.

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