Disaster Recovery via Hybrid Cloud Appeals to Local Governments

Following a recent upgrade of a local government’s IT holdings including new servers, new firewalls, and new switching equipment, leadership realized that they hadn’t come up with a good plan for what to do should anything go wrong.

As it surveyed its new infrastructure, the IT department realized it could be looking at days or weeks of downtime in the event of a serious system failure. Certain disasters — like a ransomware attack — could potentially lead to loss of reams of valuable data.

The government ultimately moved backup and disaster recovery to a hybrid cloud, the best practice according to industry experts.

Most agencies that do embrace cloud-based disaster recovery (DR) platforms find the migration to be relatively straightforward. While few organizations ever actually need to execute their DR solutions, those agencies that have to execute DR often benefit from much lower recovery time and recovery point objectives that cloud services offer their systems.

Minimizing Data Loss in the Event of Ransomware
A ransomware attack drove the city of Lodi in California to walk away from its traditional backup system upon discovering that many of the agency’s files and systems had been encrypted. Luckily, the backup server wasn’t touched, but the experience made them rethink their approach to data protection and security.

Implementing a plug-and-play cloud data management appliance on site allowed the team to set policies for backup frequency and ­retention and automated the work accordingly. If a disaster were to occur, data loss would be minimized with a “near zero” recovery time.

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