Government IT Must Strike a Balance Between Security, Access

Public-sector IT officials are often under the dueling pressure of protecting privacy and creating smooth pathways for the public to engage with the many services offered by government.

These goals have led to the development of single sign-on for workers and users of government systems and other mechanisms to make government processes more user-friendly.

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated government’s move toward more nimble and flexible online postures. At the outset of the pandemic, trends that were already on the move – like single sign-on or multifactor authentication – were fast-tracked as government transitioned to work-from-home arrangements, while the public’s interaction with government also moved to an almost exclusively digital exchange.

The big picture is protecting the security of data with new levels of access. All tech strategies to achieve advancements like single sign-on need to keep this goal in mind. The best advice is to determine what data needs to be protected, specifically the data that people want to steal.


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