How Technology Can Help Reduce The Power Imbalance Between The Government And The People

Technology platforms over the last several years have been crucial to holding powerful people and governments to account, an example being smartphone that give people instant access to filming capabilities that make it easier to document incidents of mistreatment and abuse.

Additionally, technology tools, particularly social media, are enabling societies across the globe to expand and demand civil rights. The world is now too interconnected, with technological advancements providing unprecedented access to information. In addition to utilizing this information keep governments in check, technology will continue to benefit the world’s poor by providing new access to necessary information.

This technology is not without flaws as social media has been used to promote election interference, hateful rhetoric, conspiracy theories, mob violence, online radicalization, and the spread of misinformation. It is incumbent on the world’s leading technology companies to increase regulation and explore alternative business models to avoid repeating the mistakes of early development.

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