How Zoom enables agencies to reimagine government services

One of the silver linings emerging from the pandemic for state and local governments was that officials began to reimagine how to use video communications to engage with and deliver services to the public.

The inability to conduct business in person fundamentally disrupted agencies’ ability to achieve their missions. Government employees had to find alternative ways to work together even as they confronted the reality of working apart from one another.

Working for or with the government also required a different set of security protocols, which the Zoom for Government platform was designed to adhere to, enabling government employees to safely deploy specific applications necessary for their job function and protect the exchange of crucial data.

When the pandemic occurred, agencies not only adapted quickly to Zoom’s collaboration platform, but they also used the platform as a catalyst for innovation that can foster greater engagement between state and local governments and their citizens.

Expanding citizen engagement

Many government agencies discovered that public hearings held virtually on Zoom reduced barriers to participation by facilitating better engagement, expanding attendance, and giving council members access to a wider range of views.

Video communications can also help increase access to justice. During COVID-19 restrictions, courts at every level discovered that Zoom not only provided an effective way to conduct hearings, but also made it easier for constituents to attend hearings.

Empowering public workers

Zoom’s platform provided employees with greater communications options to contact and collaborate with one another, empowering workers to use whichever device works best for them or is best suited to the situation.

With Zoom Phone, for instance, agencies can also benefit from a variety of productivity and security features, such as the ability to support customers in an environment that supports HIPAA compliance. Zoom also helped public officials communicate timely information to entire communities, making announcements about school openings and vaccinations or conducting live and recorded meetings on public policy positions.

Another example of Zoom enabling agency leaders to reimagine their operations could be seen in their expanded vision for recruiting personnel from a wider circle of talent.

These and other examples represent more than stop-gap measures by government agencies to deliver services when meeting in person suddenly wasn’t an option. They offered a glimpse of what government services and citizen engagement can look like now — and how public agencies might build on those innovations in the future.

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