Review: Zoom Offers Plenty for Office Productivity

One of the major trends state and local agencies can expect to see continuing after the pandemic is a focus on Zoom as a mechanism to drive operational efficiencies. Zoom is one of the main companies that facilitates virtual face-to-face interactions among teammates regardless of location or tech savviness.

While state governments predominantly leverage Zoom Meetings to allow collaboration in real time, the platform is also capable of Zoom Video Webinars, Zoom Rooms, and Zoom Phone, features that can further facilitate an agency’s ability to keep its workforce connected and safe.

After the pandemic, these solutions can play a pivotal role in minimizing and eliminating the expenses of frequent travel while also providing a positive work environment for employees seeking flexible conditions.

Zoom Has Become a Fundamental Collaboration Tool
Zoom is a simple and intuitive app that powers the video-enabled interface and provides easy and simple access into conference rooms and other workspaces that are fundamental to collaboration among state and local officials and employees.

Additionally, since so many users have by now leveraged Zoom, it has become a foregone conclusion that it will still be around to facilitate remote work after the pandemic. And with features such as Zoom Meetings and Zoom Chat, agencies benefit from easy-start meetings for small teams with up to 1,000 users on screen.

Agencies Boost Productivity Remotely or On-Premises with Zoom
According to Zoom, departments leveraging the platform experience an 85 percent increase in video usage, and employees feel more connected when using the platform. The integrated file sharing and the 10-year archive it offers agencies are invaluable tools for improving citizen services long after these difficult times come to an end.

Zoom Offers Top Security Features for Government Consideration
The National Security Agency provides a detailed list of factors for agencies to consider when examining the IT security of a platform like Zoom.

  • Is end-to-end encryption available, and does this use strong, well-known, testable encryption standards?
  • Can users see and control who connects to collaboration sessions?
  • Do users have the ability to securely delete data from the service and its repositories as needed?
  • Has the service and/or app been reviewed or certified for use by a security focused nationally recognized or government body?For Zoom, the answer to all of those questions is yes.

    Powerful controls also let presenters and officials monitor access to meetings and easily give trusted participants access to content. This access control lets presenters keep unauthorized viewers away from sensitive content and potential meeting disruptors at bay.


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