States, Local Areas See Common Tech Challenges for 2021

A recent webinar by the National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) and the Public Technology Institute (PTI)  addressed the reality that technology trends among state and local governments are significantly impacted by COVID-19.

The top issue was cybersecurity based on the increase of state and local employees working remotely and the pandemic creating a whole set of new security challenges. The biggest barriers to improved cybersecurity are insufficient budgets and staffing.

The focus on cybersecurity among cities and counties has intensified as ransomware attacks of the past that may have involved demands for $250 or $500, now criminals often ask for six-figure sums.

While more localities are turning to cyberinsurance, it is cyberinsurance that is actually becoming more of a target because cyberinsurance companies are more willing to pay out.

Accessing digital services is another top trend among state and local governments with the pandemic making such services more of a necessary investment to improve the citizen experience.

Other trends show that state and local governments are increasingly tapping into off-premise and cloud solutions for their technology needs in order to make their footprints smaller or to optimize their environment. Governments are finding that managed service providers might be able to do a better job at a less cost.

Broadband was presented as a much bigger concern going into 2021, with the need for affordability to be addressed from a policy perspective.

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