Why cybersecurity will impact everything in the new decade

Big Tech is embedded in every level of government as millions of citizens have become comfortable working online with local, state, and federal agencies. Information is rarely more than a few clicks away for both law-abiding citizens and anyone bent on breaking the law.

Up until now, government IT has been focused mainly on function: process automation, implementation, and establishing network policies. Now highly publicized data breaches, election vulnerabilities, and the social media influence on everything from currency to health care, have resulted in government IT professionals and cyber-savvy lawmakers to move forward with purpose and speed to better data protection.

The Defense Department’s security-first initiative and its Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements protect every mission and ensure security in every vendor along the supply chain. With the move to the cloud, mission-critical priorities must be certified for security due to supply-chain exposure and third-party vendor risk. Under CMMC, all contractors will be required to meet new standards before they can respond to RFPs or renew contracts.

The expectation is that similar initiatives will spread across all federal, state, and municipal agencies. This security-first mentality will become a national government inspired standard that will be in contrast to the slow trickle-up security of the past decade.

Summarized from gcn.com

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